Hemroid symptoms

Hemroids symptoms are mostly noticed in the rectal area. A common misbelief is that anal bleeding is a sign of the beginning of hemroids. Hemroids usually bleed in advanced or severe cases.

Common hemroids symptoms include: - Rectal itching - Swelling in the anus - Swollen tissues protruding from the anus - Obstruction in passing stool

Hemroids can occur at any age. There are many factors involved that range from diet to level of physical activity.

Hemroids develop in two types - internal and external - but the symptoms are similar.

Damaged veins and bloody stool is one of the symptoms of internal hemroids. Tissues become swollen with blood and can bleed especially when pressure is applied when passing stools.

External hemroids are easier to spot as they are visible from the outside of the body. The swelling can be accompanied by itching, irritation, burning feelings and bloody stools.

If you have any symptoms you should consult your doctor right away to determine the best treatment. Being able to give you medical care provider an accurate description of your symptoms will help them determine if you have hemroids or a different disease or condition that may have similar symptoms.

5 Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

1. Drink Up

water How drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help ease your hemorrhoid pain.
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2. Sitz Down

sitz bath Soaking in a sitz bath can improve circulation to inflamed hemorrhoids.
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3. Be Cool

ice Get relief and reduce swelling by applying ice packs to your hemorrhoids.
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4. Eat Right

fiber cereal A high-fiber diet can speed you on the way to recovery.
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5. Get Moving

exercise How leading an active life, exercising and losing weight benefit your butt.
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