External Hemroids

External hemroids are the most noticable kind as they appear as fleshy lumps around the anus. Prolapsed hemroids are internal hemroids that protrude out the anus and can be confused with external hemroids. External hemroids cause itching, pain and discomfort.

Some of the symptoms of external hemroids may include hard lumps around the anus or painful swelling. When a blood clot forms in an external hemroid it is known as a thrombosed external hemroid.

External hemroids can be irritated by excessive straining, rubbing or cleaning too roughly. This can lead to pain, itching and bleeding so care should be taken when cleaning the anal area.

If you have the symptoms of external hemroids you should consult your doctor as soon as possible to make sure it is a hemroid and not a more serious medical condition. Do not ignore the symptoms.

You can try to easy your irritation by trying natural remedies for hemroids.

5 Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

1. Drink Up

water How drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help ease your hemorrhoid pain.
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2. Sitz Down

sitz bath Soaking in a sitz bath can improve circulation to inflamed hemorrhoids.
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3. Be Cool

ice Get relief and reduce swelling by applying ice packs to your hemorrhoids.
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4. Eat Right

fiber cereal A high-fiber diet can speed you on the way to recovery.
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5. Get Moving

exercise How leading an active life, exercising and losing weight benefit your butt.
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