Bleeding hemroids

Bleeding hemroids can be the most frightening and alarming form of hemroids. When you see blood on your stool you should consult your doctor right away because there are many other causes of rectal bleeding besides hemroids.

Hemroids are made up of swollen tissues full of blood vessels. When the pressure on these tissues becomes too great then bleeding can happen. Constipation makes you strain and push which puts a lot of pressure on the hemroids and contributes to bleeding. You should try to avoid straining during bowel movements. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough fiber can help ease constipation.

You should gently clean the rectal area with water and a soft, clean cloth. Avoid scrubbing the area roughly because it can tear the hemroids and cause pain, irritation and bleeding. Sitz baths are also a good way to clean the rectal area.

5 Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

1. Drink Up

water How drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help ease your hemorrhoid pain.
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2. Sitz Down

sitz bath Soaking in a sitz bath can improve circulation to inflamed hemorrhoids.
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3. Be Cool

ice Get relief and reduce swelling by applying ice packs to your hemorrhoids.
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4. Eat Right

fiber cereal A high-fiber diet can speed you on the way to recovery.
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5. Get Moving

exercise How leading an active life, exercising and losing weight benefit your butt.
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