Do I have hemorrhoids?

The symptoms of hemorrhoids range from just irritating to alarming: They can include itching, discomfort and pain. More serious symptoms such as bleeding or blood on stool or in the toilet can be frightening. Internal hemorrhoids are usually associated with bleeding.

External hemorrhoids are formed when inflamed veins protrude from the anus. External hemorrhoids are more often associated with pain. They can form hard, grape-like lumps on the anus and be very painful. Sometimes they have to be removed by surgery.

What are hemorrhoids?

Most people at one time or another will suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are veins around the anus that become inflamed for various reasons and can vary in seriousness.

Internal hemorrhoids are just inside the anus while external hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that have become distended and hang out of the anus.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Straining while using the toilet, sitting for extended periods of time, poor diet, stress and dehydration are some causes of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are also commonly experienced by pregnant women. Whatever the cause you should take hemorrhoids seriously so that they don't become a major condition.

How are hemorrhoids treated?

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids include improving your diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising and applying ice to the affected areas. Many people find that these homemade treatments are very effective.

More serious incidences of hemorrhoids, however, may require surgery to correct. Consult a medical professional if you think you have hemorrhoids and discuss the best course of treatment for you.